Welcome to our homepage!

We are the DoCS, Dottorandi in Computer Science @ DIBRIS

Who we are

This organization was born in 2018 with the aim of sharing knowledge and discuss the on-going research in our department. We organize weekly seminars and other events during the year.

The members of the organization are:

Matteo Moro, Davide Garbarino, Claudio Mancinelli, Elena Nicora, Issa Mouawad, Federico Dassereto, Francesco Dagnino, Chiara Accinelli, Daniele Traversaro, Pietro Barbieri, Luca Ciccone, Debora Engelmann, Eros Viola, Andrea Fasciglione, Riccardo Bianchini.

Upcoming events:

CWS 22
April 11, 2022

June 2022, Dibris

April 08, 2022

Seminars Page up and running!

Website Running!
April 06, 2022

Our website is finally ready and online!