PhD Seminars Series 2022

We organize weekly Seminars to make it easier the sharing of knowledge in our department. Every Wednesday 2.30 PM in room 711 @ Valletta Puggia.

16/03/22Sanket Rajeev SabharwalhuSync - A model and system for the semi-automated measure of synchronization in small groups: A case study on musical joint actions
23/03/22Federico DasseretoDatabase research meets Data Science: an (un)expected journey
30/03/22Chiara AccinellicovRew: a Python Toolkit for Pre-Processing Pipeline Rewriting Ensuring Coverage Constraint Satisfaction
06/04/22Mouawad IssaI Spy with My Little Eye: Advances and Challenges in 3D Monocular Vision
13/04/22Simone CammarasanaLearning-Based Low-Rank Denoising: Computer graphics and Biomedical applications
27/04/22Pietro BarbieriA Stream Calculus
04/05/22Paolo Didier AlfanoEfficient Embeddings for Machine Learning via Variational Autoencoders
11/05/22Daniele TraversaroCollaborative Learning in an Introductory Database Course: A Study with Think-Pair-Share and Team Peer Review
18/05/22Andrea RomdhanaIFRIT Focused Testing through Deep Reinforcement Learning
25/05/22Marco ZuppelliDetection of Network Covert Channels
01/06/22Federico Figari TomenottiWhy Human Action Recognition is a multi task problem?
08/06/22Debora Cristina EngelmannIntentional dialogues in multi-agent systems based on ontologies and argumentation
15/06/22Riccardo BianchiniA brief survey on Rust language
22/06/22Andrea FasciglioneReproducibility in Activity Recognition Based on Wearable Devices: a Focus on Used Datasets
21/09/22Eros ViolaSmall objects manipulation in immersive virtual reality
28/09/22Giacomo MeantiAn Introduction to Neural Radiance Fields
05/10/22Stefano De MarchiEvaluating Reachability Algorithms for Neural Networks on NeVer2
12/10/22Marco RandoStochastic Zeroth Order Descent with Structured Directions
02/11/22Larbi ToujierIntroduction to Semantic Segmentation
09/11/22Muhammad MohsinSelective Disassembly of Electronic Components from WEEE using Artificial Intelligence
23/11/22Nicola CorbelliniMultimodal Group Potency Estimation for Human-Machine collaboration
30/11/22 Elena VincenziFunctional analysis in urographic MR made automatic and simple
07/12/22Marco MochiPlanning and Scheduling in Digital Health with Answer Set Programming
14/12/22Francesco MontagnaScalable and Robust Causal Discovery